Garrett Davis CPA, CLU, FLMI, CPCU

Hi. I'm Garrett "Gary" Davis, an architect/developer/manager for business applications, primarily for the insurance industry.  

Here's a 'bio' page with more information about my background and experience.

The name of this site, "", is an acronym for "Google Apps Web Service Helper".  It refers to a framework of software that I created to make it easier for me, and maybe you, to build applications - complete systems - for the Google App Engine.

The only application built on the Gawsh framework that is currently accessible to the public is CWK Photos which displays, and supports sales of, auto racing photographs for a commercial photographer.

There are several generic applications built on the Gawsh framework, including accounting applications like billing and payroll.

The most sophisticated of those applications so far is 'FROI', the standard term used in the Workers' Compensation domain for 'First Report of Injury'. If you are injured on the job, the state requires that your employer - or the insurance company that provides workers' compensation insurance to your employer - send a very complicated report to a state bureau that describes the injury . This application presents a user-friendly interface to support the collection of the large amount of data involved - over a hundred attributes, about 300 distinct attributes are defined, and they vary by state. If you are in the insurance industry, or you are otherwise involved with workers' compensation, and you could use help with such a website ... let's discuss.

Again, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please send me an email and let me know who you are and how I can be of service to you.  Thanks.

And thanks for stopping by to check out this site.


Garrett "Gary" Davis, CPA, CLU, FLMI, CPCU